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Watchful Tree Spirits

Do you notice anything interesting about the tree behind the rock? 


This is a small grave yard in my neighborhood that is home to the Van Cott's, who once occupied this region of Long Island, NY. I have to admit, the first time I really observed the bark of this particular tree my immediate thought was, ’this tree is watching me!'


It reminds me of a 'watchful eye.'

What do you think? 


It is believed in certain cultures of today and of past that each tree, flower and plant are said to host a particular type of spirit. This belief goes as far back as to the Old Testament where there are references to "sacred groves.” The early Celts, Romans and Egyptians all believed in tree spirits. In India, shrines are built under trees to gain the favor of a revered spirit. 


In Feng Shui, it’s suggested if a tree it cut down, you bless the location of where it has been removed and if possible,honor it’s energy with a newly plants tree. 


What has been your experience and interaction with tree spirits? 

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