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UpComing 2017 Workshops with Los Angeles Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano

Next year has a great line up for Feng Shui workshops in various venues throughout New York and in California. Being that I have two offices in the United States, New York and California allows me the wonderful opportunity to teach Feng Shui in both regions.

Click on the link Feng Shui Mahattan Workshops in 2017

Laura Cerrano is the CEO and founder of Feng Shui Manhattan (established in 1997). She provides remote and on-site consultations, seminars, workshops and classes in New York, California, New Jersey and Connecticut. In addition, Laura is a resident teacher at the Metropolitan Institute of Design in Syosset, NY. Her primary focus is a unique blend of Feng Shui healing for your space and inner self with interior design principles. 

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Comment balloon 5 commentsLaura Cerrano • December 03 2016 01:50AM
UpComing 2017 Workshops with Los Angeles Feng Shui Expert Laura…
Next year has a great line up for Feng Shui workshops in various venues throughout New York and in California. Being that I have two offices in the United States, New York and California allows me the wonderful opportunity to teach Feng Shui in both… more
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