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Psychology and Feng Shui Working Together To Enhance Your Home and Life

Feng Shui is more then 'furniture arrangement.' To its core Feng Shui is a spiritual practice. These teachings are estimated to be around 4,000 years old.  During those years Shamans, farmers and emperors all embraced these principles. They used sacred geometry, numerology, astrology, reading land formations, science, sound healing and psychology to provide stronger healing emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually for the occupants within their homes and land.


Western psychology is beginning to investigate the benefits Feng Shui has on people.  For example, when a consultant suggests to place your bed, desk or couch in a 'commanding position,' this is described as harnessing protective energy (to feel supported) and create a mindset of seeing opportunities as they arise. 


Psychology will describe this as "acute stress response," the idea of flight or fight. When we do not feel supported by others, let that be with family or friends, our stress level goes up. If we are in an environment where we do not feel supported, perhaps it is scary to that person, stress levels will goes up. 


Though these principles you become more aware of other people (who is really supporting you and bringing value into your life). Your perceptive on life changes allowing you to see creative solutions faster. You deal with challenges more efficiently while becoming less emotionally charged. All of this is possible if you choose to really embrace the teachings at their core. People ask, how to I attract love, increase money with Feng Shui? 


You have to put in the work and time to better yourself. The objects in your home help to 'hypnotise' your conscious and unconscious mind. They become cues to remind you of the new focus you agreed upon to better your lifestyle. What you do today and how you think is a reflection of your tomorrow. 


Consider these thoughts to help open up this conversation with self: What habits have you allowed to benefit or hinder your self growth? Who have you allowed to influence your life, for better or worse? What motivates you? What do you fear? What are your dreams? What have you learned from your past? Where do you see yourself in the future?  

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 Welcome! My name is Laura Cerrano CEO and founder of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island, established in 1997. I teach and mentor students at the Metropolitan Institute of Design in Syosset NY through a nine month certification program. I provide remote and on-site national / international private consultations, seminars, workshops and classes. My primary focus is Feng Shui Healing for your space and self, complimented with the Interior Design principles.


I take a unique multi-dimensional approach which cohesively blends several methods of Feng Shui (environmental psychology) and various combinations of healing modalities together. I specialize in advanced Ba-gua Map readings (Eight Aspirations Theory), Bon Buddhist Tradition and Ascension Feng Shui (Mystery School Science and Emotional Intelligence Healing). The information shared with you lasts a life time, shifting your perspective on life, increasing your self-confidence and environmental awareness by providing complementary healing mentally, emotionally, spirituality and physically.

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